EDI prides itself on Safety, High Quality workmanship and Fully Warrant our work.  We have more than adequate insurance coverage to provide peace of mind for our clients (these can be viewed upon request).

EDI’s Commitment to Safety is unparalleled in this Industry and Management continually reinforce the “Safety is the responsibility of all” message to our Valued Staff and Contractors.  We run the “Take 5” Safety program, including Work Books, also utilise the JSA system and have detailed and industry accepted SWMS for all work we undertake.  Our staff are fully trained in the operation of all tooling, equipment and machinery operation and we provide ongoing training in these areas as needed.

We have a dedicated Safety & Compliance Administrator and our staff are inducted on all major local job sites.

We adopt the “Best Practice” policy in all facets of our Business while ensuring operational efficiency and unsurpassed levels of service to our clients.